Electronic Locks

A standard PegaSys electronic lock version (width 67mm)
PegaSys electronic locks are the ideal solution for facilities where aesthetics are important. Available with a choice of lever designs, the lock’s size is designed to fit any existing door, ensuring a stylish finish without having to replace current locks or fill the existing door preparation. Manufactured in 1.8mm stainless steel, PegaSys locks are stylish, durable and robust making them suitable for even heavy doors.
A narrow PegaSys electronic lock version (width 42mm)
A narrow version with all the benefits of the standard lock is also available for use on aluminium doors. Supplied as standard without the mechanical lock case for use with existing hardware, we are also able to supply the appropriate mechanical lock cases should they be required.

Key Benefits/Features

  • Sturdy 18mm 304 stainless steel design with a choice of handles to suite with the rest of your building hardware 
  • Locks store last 2000 bookings as an audit trail, so you can access information should there be an incident
  • Handle options availaible which are designed to help you in meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 in providing access for all
  • The lock can always be opened from inside in case of emergency (single action anti-panic function when used in-conjunction with relevant mortise lock)
  • Suitable for use on fire doors compliant with EN 1634 Part 1
  • Modular design to make servicing on site easy and efficient
  • Quick and easy 10 second battery change without the need dor tools or removing the lock from the door
  • Easily handed on site, so should you need to change the floor plan this can easily be achieved without damage to the doors or having to order new locks or return them to the Approved Installer
  • Locks can be programmed to automatically open to allow free passage in the day and then lock at the close of the day
  • Suitable for use with most types of door materials, and can be mounted back to back for in/out access control