PegaSys Benefits

Benefits of the PegaSys intelligent access control system

With PegaSys you can choose the level of security that suits your needs and budget. If you then decide, at a later stage, that you want to increase the security or coverage of the system, you can upgrade your system quickly and easily.  A PegaSys solution can be upgraded at any point in time to continually ensure the system meets your needs.

To start to assess what will best suit your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

What parts of the building are you looking to protect?
Internal doors /Perimeter only or the complete site?

  • Do you want to trial an electronic system to give you greater control over sensitive areas?
    Battery operated electronic door furniture and cylinder locks which retrofit most existing locks allow you to move very quickly and cost effectively from mechanical key-based security to electronic card-based systems. In most circumstances you can even utilise your existing lockcase.


  • Do you already have an installed hardwired system on perimeter access points but are looking now for a cheaper alternative to give you control on internal access?
    We can work with you to use your existing card system and install PegaSys alongside it, offering a seamless system as far as your employees are concerned. Ask us for more details.

Do you have a fairly high turnover of staff or visitors, so that you would have to change access rights on a daily or even weekly basis?


  • No – Standalone system
    No complicated wiring or other intrusive work is required and you can continue to use your existing mortise locks helping you to minimise your installation costs. The PegaSys software is easy to use and can be customised to suit your needs, allowing you to add users and doors, create user groups and zones and set time periods and opening modes, that instruct the door to lock or unlock automatically as needed.

     Learn more on how the standalone system works

  • Yes – NetworkOnCard Access Solution
    Designed for use in larger buildings and for controlling facilities with larger numbers of doors, users and locations, NetworkOnCard provides many of the benefits of a networked hard-wired access control system in terms of functionality but at a fraction of the cost. As there is no need for hardwiring you can keep your original doors and locks in place, making installation fast, self contained and straight forward. Combining electronic locks with networked strategically located access control points, allows users to transport information between the offline locks and online readers using our NetworkOnCard functionality. Whenever a user places his card to the reader, a read/write process updates the card’s access rights and collects information.

     Learn more on how the online system works