PegaSys Systems

The PegaSys system is designed to allow you to choose a level of complexity to suit your environment and access control needs.

To further understand the system set up for stand alone solution or NetworkOnCard solution click the images below or to see how the system works when installed throughout a building click to play the demonstration:

PegaSys Standalone Solution
The system can be made up from electronic locks, cylinders and wall readers to control both internal and perimeter doors and tailored to suit your needs. Each lock is standalone and can be programmed on installation, with it's own time and location. The simple-to-use software allows you to allocate who goes where and when.
PegaSys NetworkOnCard Solution
This system combines the use of standalone locks with online readers that are linked to the software pc through the office IP network. This allows you to alter users’ access rights without having to obtain their badge. The integrity of the system is maintained by using the online readers to provide users with access rights on a daily basis.