Market Solutions

PegaSys is the ideal solution for many vertical markets and sectors

if you are in charge of securing buildings in the sectors of healthcare, universities, airports, offices or factories, our system PegaSys offers an easy and cost-effective solution that answers your needs. Because PegaSys allows you to secure one or several thousands of  accesses, for one or several locations.
Industrial and Commercial
PegaSys can secure doors for an individual office, for several offices or entire buildings in one or several locations, in a quick and economic way. PegaSys is a unique security system with incredible flexibility and reliability, eliminating des installation constraints of traditional wired security systems especially for an existing building.
The Healthcare sector facilities are very focused on maximising return of investment and ensuring the total security of access employees and patients. Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes need to be welcoming and open to the public, and ensure a high level of security for critical areas, like surgery rooms, drug storage areas, storage rooms and data archives... Pegasys is particularly flexible to meet expectations and these needs.   
Education, administration and public sector
Schools, universities, local and public administrations deal with large numbers of students, teachers, employees and other personnel in numerous buildings and areas to secure, often on extended zones and land. These are complex and unique challenges, that can be easily met by the PegaSys system, while also applying the highest security standards and reaching budgetary savings constraints. 
Services and tertiary
Financial institutions and other sectors are facing high security requirements. Security systems require a high level of flexibility in teh field of Access control. There are sensitive areas and security hotspots that must be protected against any non-authorised visit. This requires dedicated solutions. PegaSys System answers to this complexity.